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Dr Nikolas Patronis

Associate Professor
Department of Physics
University of Ioannina

Our Group

Reaction studies with Radioactive Ion Beams (ISOLDE-CERN, GANIL)
Nuclear Astrophysics
Neutron Physics
Nuclear reactions with neutrons (nTOF-CERN)
Nuclear reactions with weakly bound nuclei (NSCR "Democritos", LNS-Catania, HIL-Warsaw, etc)

Nuclear Physics I (7th semester)
Laboratory courses in Electromagnetism (3rd semester)
Programming Languages (2nd semester)
Modern Physics II (years: 2011-2017 ; 4th semester)

Master's and Bachelor's projects available

Office: F3.318a
phone: +30 26510 08551
e-mail: npatronis(at)uoi.gr

Curriculum Vitae